Welcome..to the Furri.org project!

Furri.org is a very ambitious and long term project to make the most reliable, up to date and modern furry community in existence.
Why?There's been a lack of high quality services for our loved community, lot's of downtime, legacy code, immature staff or extreme paywalls... We aim to solve this!
How?We are partnered up with Saber Hosting, a newly formed startup that is offering development, hosting and graphical work, with a high focus on quality environmental friendly solutions.

They are developing a new CMS that will have a "security and maintanability first" mindset. The CMS will be using a very modern and extendable language.

They are also establishing their own hosting infrastructure and their own data center.
When?Developing a good product takes time, so we would rather not give a deadline or information about when we release just yet.. But we will be working hard and efficient with the framework and backbone together with Saber Hosting's team. Once we are feeling ready to take the next step, we will invite individuals, makers, creators and artists to join the alpha testing.